txHL7 – Providing HL7 MLLP via twisted

txHL7 provides a network-level HL7 implementation, the Minimal Lower Level Protocol (MLLP) using Python’s twisted.

Current Status

txHL7 is still alpha quality software. The API can still drastically change before a “1.0” release. Currently, only the bare-minimum of MLLP is implemented. However, we are working towards more complete support of the specification.

python-hl7 vs txHL7

python-hl7 and txHL7 are complementary python modules for handling HL7 data.

  • txHL7 provides a network-level HL7 implementation (MLLP)
  • python-hl7 provides a HL7 parsing implementation

txHL7 and python-hl7 can (and often are) used together. But, the modular approach allows a developer to substitute out either component. For example, a developer may not wish to use Twisted, instead he may elect to implement the TCP server using socket or asyncore. Likewise, a developer may wish to use an alternate HL7 parsing routine, but still use txHL7.

As of the 0.2.0 release, there is a streamlined way to use python-hl7 as the parser for txHL7, via the txHL7.receiver.AbstractHL7Receiver.

txHL7 vs twisted-hl7

twisted-hl7 is the previous project name for txHL7. The “tx” prefix better follows twisted’s Community Code recommendations.

txHL7 is not an official twisted project.


Please update setup dependencies and imports to txHL7. See 0.3.0 - November 2014

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